Metal Spinning

Crescent Metal Hydraulic CNC Turning

Hand, Hydraulic & CNC

CNC Metal Spinning

We have recently invested in a CNC Leifeld heavy duty spinning lathe. This has enabled us to produce high quality precision spun components in volume batch quantities in a more economical way.

Hand & Hydraulic Spinning

Automatic Playback, Hand and hydraulic spinning up to 6mm thick and 1000mm diameter in a range of metals including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and mild steel. All tooling is produced in-house by ourselves in our in-house tool room.

Traditional hand spinning method including the use of levers for large items and hydraulic assisted rollers for thicker material.

Traditional hand spinning is a must if tooling costs are high. This applies primarily to  prototyping, where quantities are low and lead time is crucial. Our process of metal spinning usually results in higher quality and lower costs, when compared to stamping, deep drawing or die casting.

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